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Plants, Soils, and Entomology

In these projects you will learn about the natural world and how to conserve the beauty of the environment. By exploring the world of horticulture, soils and insects you will learn to grow a garden for home use, grow plants for profit, and learn how intertwined our culture is with insects. Land appreciation and soils judging provide you with the opportunity to study the characteristics of soils, compare different types of soils, and to determine their best uses. Entomology projects include learning important science inquiry skills through collecting, preserving, and identifying, and classifying insects are important parts.    

•          Horticulture & Gardening

•          Land Appreciation & Soils

•          Entomology


4-H Bee Keepers Listserv

If you would like to be added to the Bee Keeping Listserv, please contact:

Melissa Breen
State 4-H Office